We’re installing in UK. Also, come visit our showroom in Toronto!

August 22, 2017

With Omnis shipping all across the world, we sometimes like to draw attention to some of our most exciting installations. We track each order from beginning to the very start of operations and throughout its day-to-day life in the store. This way we can help our operators make the most of the equipment.

On our current agenda, is a trip to the UK. Our installation team is gearing up for their upcoming trip to Birmingham, where a 2-player Omni Arena is ready to be installed in a large shopping center operated by Genting UK.


This Omni Arena will be handled along with Instance Automatics, who are quickly becoming our main technical hub in the region. Their team will come along for training, and to ensure that the Birmingham unit starts operation smoothly.


We’ve never mentioned this in our newsletter before, but we have a fully operational 2-player Omni Arena setup in our Toronto office.


We always reveal this little detail to those who are looking to try active VR for themselves, and over the course of the last 2 months we’ve had a lot of people come to try the Omnis at our Toronto office. What’s more exciting, is that the visitors aren’t only coming from inside Canada. We have people flying in from Europe just to give the treadmills a try.


So, if you’re unsure whether Omnis will be fun for your guests, feel free to drop by our office in Markham (near Toronto) at 70 Esna Park Dr, Unit 5. We would be glad to show you the system or even challenge you to a game of Hardpoint!