UNIS Starts a New VR Division

February 15, 2017

We are excited to announce a new partnership between our company and Virtuix, one of the most innovative gaming technology developers in the United States. Together, we aim to bring virtual reality simulations to the next generation, providing a fully immersive, realistic experience.

A New VR Venture

This partnership has led to UNIS creating a new brand: Fun VR Tech. Created to distribute Active VR experience, Omni Arena, Fun VR Tech provides both the hardware to make simulated experiences possible and the software to enact a wide variety of those experiences. In our opinion, Active VR technology, has the greatest potential to enhance the user experience.

Omni Arena is a commercial Active VR platform that allows customers to immerse themselves fully in a simulated environment. Employing a series of omnidirectional treadmills, the Omni Arena allows users to explore a programmed world from a single location. The treadmills sync with the simulation software, adjusting the user’s position based on where they are within the reality that they are simulating. This allows them to interact with the virtual world just as they would with the external one, creating an experience that is virtually indistinguishable from reality.

The Omni Arena can accommodate between 2 and 5 users at a time, making it ideal for family and group entertainment. Fun VR Tech hopes to make active VR of this kind widely available, allowing gamers, students, and other consumers to take full advantage of this technological marvel.


Omni Arena 5 players Omni Arena 2 players
Understanding The Virtuix Omni

The key to the development of the Omni Arena is the Virtuix Omni, an omnidirectional treadmill designed to accommodate a wide range of physical activities. The base of the Omni is a frictionless surface that users can traverse using specialized shoes. The shoes glide along the surface, allowing the users to walk or even run without changing their physical position. Because it does not rely on a single moving strip in the way that traditional treadmills do, the Omni allows users to move in any direction that they choose, making the experience virtually indistinguishable from regular walking.

Safety is a frequent source of concern even for traditional treadmills, which is why Virtuix has spared no expense in minimizing the risk to Omni users. Each treadmill is surrounded by a solid security ring that can hold up to 285 pounds. Combined with a safety belt, this feature prevents users from slipping or falling, making the experience far less risky than ordinary walking.

Given its potential for use in virtual reality simulations, Virtuix has already optimized the Omni to sync with games and computer programs. The movement of the user’s feet is linked to his or her position in a simulation, allowing the user’s actions to be immediately reflected in the program. As a result, users can interact directly with virtual experiences, taking part in programs rather than simply watching them.


Omni treadmill video button


Assessing Active VR

The advent of the Omni Arena is the latest step in the effort to develop Active Virtual Reality technology. Defined as devices that allow us to participate in personalized, multi-sensory simulations, Active VR relies on the kind of synchronized movement that the Virtuix Omni provides. The technology has many applications, including:

  • Gaming– With Active VR, gaming is no longer a passive experience. Players can now interact directly with the characters, creating a more personalized entertainment experience. The new technology is particularly valuable for multiplayer games, as it will allow friends to engage with each other no matter how far apart they are physically.


  • Exercise– No longer will gaming enthusiasts have to choose between taking care of their health and getting to the next level. Active VR allows gamers to run, walk, jump, or crouch in tandem with the characters in their favorite video games, making gaming into a viable form of fitness.


  • Education– Virtual reality is already a feature of many driver’s education courses, allowing drivers in training to hone their skills in a safe environment before trying them on a real road. By expanding the range of possible virtual experiences, Active VR opens the door to a wide variety of other educational opportunities.


  • Immersive Experiences– Active VR allows us to experience a range of activities that were once unattainable for human beings. A simulator called Birdly, for example, re-creates the experience of a bird in flight. Users strap themselves to a pair of mounted wings, put on a VR helmet, and feel a fan blowing in their face; the result is the closest human beings have yet come to flying.


  • Realistic Reenactments– Those who love to study history or take part in other cultures can soon do so without ever leaving their homes. Active VR can easily reenact unique historical or cultural events. Existing programs have already simulated spacewalks and Spanish bullfights, and this is only the tip of the iceberg.


The technology for Active VR activities is ready; all that remains is to make it available to the public. Fun VR Tech is committed to doing just that. As we continue to perfect the Omni Arena and its software, we will make immersive simulations increasingly affordable, realistic, and fun. We hope you will join us for this bold new development in human experience.


Fun VR Tech Team