Spring has sprung for VR! Fun VR Tech in Dallas, Ohio, Peru, and More!

April 13, 2017

Hello, Fun VR Tech fans!

Spring has sprung, and it’s been a busy season for us so far. We recently exhibited Omni Arena at JAEPO (Japan Amusement Expo) in Tokyo where the game was well-received. But the worldwide presence of Omni Arena hasn’t stopped in Japan: in addition to making our American debut, we have other exciting news and upcoming events that we can’t wait to share with you!

Omni Arena and Training Ops at International Amusement Expo in Dallas, Texas

After JAEPO, we exhibited at the annual International Amusement Expo in Dallas, TX. The Amusement Expo is dedicated to recreational products meant to be used in physical spaces such as money handling equipment, music operators, laser tag guns and apparatuses, and of course games. Our turn-key VR experience, Omni Arena, made for a unique attraction since we have both 2-player and 5-player options. The omnidirectional treadmill used in Omni Arena was something that the attendees and exhibitors simply hadn’t seen in a VR game yet. As the VR industry continues to drive innovation, Fun VR Tech has been motivated to keep creating engaging multiplayer experiences that let players interact directly with the characters, and also get people moving and having fun!


The International Amusement Expo was also the first event where we exhibited the upgraded version of Omni Arena.

Fun VR Tech’s American Debut at Rule 3 Near Columbus, Ohio

We are proud to announce that Fun VR Tech recently made our first Omni Arena installation on US soil. Rule 3, an entertainment venue and restaurant that offers a fun combination of live music, games, and indoor and outdoor sports like bowling and volleyball has become the first American host for the 2-player version of Omni Arena. The mecca of fun and games is in Pickerington, OH, conveniently 10 minutes away from downtown Columbus, and is extremely popular with the locals.



Rule 3 decided to expand their indoor entertainment choices and wanted to get more VR games. By partnering with us, we gave them an engaging and unique VR experience that also gets physical without the roughness of team sports. Rule 3’s regulars have been enjoying the game so far, and can’t wait to see the other VR experiences that will be forthcoming!

Omni Arena 5-Player Unit Installed in Latin America’s Largest Amusement Venue

Happyland in Peru is one of the largest amusement operators in Latin America, with several locations all over the country and the largest venues in Lima. Installation and training for Omni Arena took place in Lima, and due to the amount of the venues and the intensity involved in setting up the 5-player unit, we had to fly several of our own staff as well as Happyland’s managers from all over Latin America to observe and train. While the 2-player units are the most popular, the 5-player unit is a true showpiece and requires more training and time to set up.




Happyland is pleased with the 2-player version of the game as well and we are excited to be growing our partnership with them, and increasing Fun VR Tech’s presence throughout Latin America. The 5-player Omni Arena unit that was installed in Lima will be relocated to one of the largest malls in the city and given its own dedicated space.


The live events Fun VR Tech has been exhibiting at have overall been extremely positive, as more amusement operators and gamers alike are seeking out more innovative and fun VR experiences that do more than just make you wear a headset. As Omni Arena makes its way around the world, we hope to have more installations in North and Latin America where we are currently growing our presence! With the upgraded version of Omni Arena also making rounds at trade shows, we hope to be installing these enhanced experiences in amusement venues, shopping malls, and other places in need of a fun VR experience in the near future.

Thanks for staying up to date on what we’re doing, and we hope that this busy but fun springtime full of travel and exhibiting continues! Let us know when we’ll be in your city so we can show you the latest updates to our fun VR experiences that your customers will love and keep returning for.

-The Fun VR Tech Team