About Tiger Knight

Tiger Knight immerses you in the tumultuous battles of Ancient China, as you take the role of a prominent general. Riding your steed through the opposing armies and utilizing HTC Vive controllers, you can thrust a spear, shoot a bow, or even control a ballista. Tiger Knight’s motion simulated horse adds another amazing level of realism, experience VR like never before!

This 1 player system can fit perfectly into your existing VR area, as it needs very little attendant attention, and is designed to be coin-operated.

Technical Information


  • 1 Player Position
  • Motion horse-shaped seat
  • 3 Battles depicted in the game, each with unique weapons and equipment
  • Equipped with a coin-mech start
  • Game updates download automatically through the internet


  • Width: 1.3m / 52"
  • Depth: 1.9m / 71"
  • Height: 2.3m / 97"

What's In The Package?

  • Motion horse-shaped seat with safety belts

  • 1 HTC Vive Headset

  • 2 HTC Vive Controllers

  • 2 HTC Vive Base Stations