About Omni Arena (1-Player)

Omni Arena is the kind of Virtual Reality experience that we’ve all dreamt of when thinking of VR. The system is equipped with omnidirectional treadmills that allow the players to walk, run, and rotate in 360 degrees. This allows the players to experience full freedom of movement in the virtual worlds, and as a result of that experience full immersion.

The 1 player position allows for simpler and quicker installation process. This version of Omni Arena is best suited for rental businesses or any other venues that plan on moving the system around more often.

Technical Information


  • 1 Player Position
  • Perfect fit for a custom VR space
  • Fully customizable set of hardware and accessories


  • Player Specifications:
  • The Omni is designed to accommodate a user height ranging from 4’8″ to 6’5″ (142cm – 195cm), and a weight up to 285lbs (130kg).
  • Harness sizing is: Small Waist Size 24″-29″; Medium: Waist Size 30″-37″; Large: Waist Size 38″-44″

What's In The Package?

  • 1 Virtuix Omni Treadmill

  • 1 Set of Tracking PODs

  • 1 Medium Harness

  • Any amount of shoes of sizes 4-15 (USA Men sizes)

  • (Optional) 1 Computer

  • (Optional) 1 Keyboard & Mouse Set

  • (Optional) 1 HTC Vive Headset

  • (Optional) 2 HTC Vive Controllers

  • (Optional) 2 HTC Vive Base Stations

  • 1000 VR Face Masks


  • 15+ Games distributed using the Omniverse™ platform