How Omnis Are Helping VR Arcades Get Ahead

May 26, 2017

Dear VR enthusiasts,

Today we have some news about VR arcades and how Omni treadmills can help get an upper hand in this business.

Omnis are coming to VR Arcades Across USA

While VR arcades are arguably the best places to experience serious VR without spending a fortune on equipment yourself, majority of these venues don’t offer more than a standard 10’x10’ foot booth equipped with an HTC Vive or an Oculus Rift.

Many arcade owners decide to battle this surprising conformity by installing standalone Omni units to spice up their entertainment offering as well as distinguish themselves from the quickly forming competition.

The Omnis are easily set up in an existing VR space and apart from the visual attraction value they offer opportunity to explore virtual world unfettered by the constraints of a room scale setup.

Below we’ve gathered some photos from the locations that have incorporated the Omnis into their VR areas.

Pictured above: Omniverse VR | | League City, Texas

Mix and Match

When it comes to setting up a custom Omni-based VR room, your only limit is your space. Recently we’ve created a VR area rendering for a customer that has a space with an immovable column in the middle. We managed to work around that and still provide a plan that would allow 4 guests to enjoy the novelty of Omni treadmills.

Our turnkey sets with the platform can provide a stage presence that can bring attention to the VR experience to be a core attraction in any VR arcades, Family Entertainment Centers or other Location Based Entertainment.

At the back of the room we placed the turn-key 2 player Omni Arena in order to create the attraction effect that the setup provides. At the front we positioned 2 additional Omni treadmills to make the most out of the remaining space.

Coupled with additional accessories below, we can help you design your own VR space and enhance the VR experience for your guests.

Shoe rack / Seat

Plastic Controller Gun Mold (image from our website )

Boom Stand for HMD

Controller Holster for Omni Treadmill