Fun VR Tech Brings Omni Arena to JAEPO. Amusement Expo and Dubai Deal next!

March 9, 2017

When developing new gaming technology, exposing your devices to potential audiences is crucial for success. To cultivate interest in the Omni Arena, Fun VR Tech has recently attended a major gaming exhibit in Tokyo, and will soon appear in Dallas and Dubai as well.

JAEPO, Japan Amusement Expo. February 13th-February 14th

Established in 2012, the Japan Amusement Expo, or JAEPO, is one of the world’s largest trade exhibits for amusement and entertainment products. The Tokyo-based event features an arcade zone for visitors to try out different gaming devices, as well as zones for related products, awards, gaming publications, and international exhibits. Innovators who appear at JAEPO have the opportunity to reach a wide range of gaming companies, investors, and consumers, making this a crucial site to publicize new devices. The Fun VR Tech team appeared at this year’s expo, held from 10 to 12 February, where they demonstrated the Omni Arena 2-Player System.

The Fun VR team emphasized the potential for this system to revolutionize gaming. With a frictionless omnidirectional treadmill and the ability to sync with computer programs, the Omni Arena immerses gamers directly in their games. This, they explained, has the potential to make gaming a more visceral experience, letting players interact directly with the characters and with each other. It also increases the potential to use video games for education and exercise.

The Omni Arena 2 Player System was a hit at JAEPO. Visitors from throughout Japan and across the globe learned of the full potential for virtual reality and expressed interest in future gaming products. The Fun VR team in turn gained insights into how consumers will respond to this technology and what they expect out of it.



Watch the Omni Arena at JAEPO video

Omni Arena at JAEPO2

The Amusement Expo, Dallas, Texas. March 15-16th 2017

The team will next be visiting the Amusement Show in Dallas, Texas. Occurring at the Dallas Convention Center from 14 to 16 March, the Amusement Show begins with a day-long educational conference, followed by two days of trade show events. The show will provide a key opportunity to expose the North American market to all the Omni Arena 2-Player System has to offer.

DEAL Dubai. March 27th-March 29th 2017

Shortly after appearing in Dallas, Fun VR Tech will bring Omni Arena to the 2017 Dubai Entertainment, Amusement, & Leisure Show, or DEAL. This will be done with the help of our distributors in the region. Held at the Dubai World Trade Center in the United Arab Emirates from 17 to 19 March, this show is a chance to exhibit the Omni Arena to Middle Eastern and North African gamers, who represent one of the fastest-growing demographics in the global entertainment industry.