A New Horror Title for the Omni is Now Available!

June 12, 2017

A New Game for the Omni Arena is Now Available!


With Omni treadmills allowing the player to achieve full-body immersion in VR, it is not a surprise that a game would come along to harness this level of immersion into a horror driven experience.

This week we are glad to announce a brand new addition to our games roster – Affected: The Manor by the Fallen Planet studio in the UK.

As the name of the game would suggest it presents the player with a large spooky mansion to explore, chock-full of jump scares and creepy animated dolls. With the dim lighting and ominous music, the game creates the sort of growing sense of apprehension that is amplified tenfold by the immersion of VR. In other words, we’ve seen plenty of people scream while playing The Manor, to the great amusement of their friends, of course.

While many horror VR experiences suffer from lack of replayability, The Manor introduces 3 different linear routes that allows each player to see the game at least thrice before they’ve seen it all.

Originally Affected: The Manor was introduced on Oculus Rift where it garnered huge popularity, with the game’s videos racking up over 200 million views on YouTube.

This version of the game was designed for the Omni and the HTC Vive from the ground up, and it will be available to all the Omni Arena operators as part of a licensing agreement.

The cost of the game is $90 / month per 1 Omni. This price holds until August, where we plan on releasing a cloud based game distribution system, which would provide operators with a more flexible way of obtaining game licenses and controlling their Omni Arena systems.

As always, stay tuned for more new from Fun VR Tech in the future!