5-Player Omni Arena goes to South Africa, and more

May 2, 2017

Today we’ve got another portion of exciting news from Fun VR Tech coming your way.

Omni Arena Finds a Home in South Africa

Last time we talked about our busy installation schedules, with FVRT ambassadors travelling far and wide to make sure that the brand new Omni Arenas in the field start strong.

As you know, we are not the ones to slow down, so right after our US and Peru installs the team headed straight to South Africa to place another 5-Player Omni Arena in one of the largest malls in the world, in the city of Pretoria.

Malls are a huge part of entertainment scene in South Africa and that’s why they are usually built as mini-cities, often taking a whole day to explore. This particular Omni Arena was installed in a location operated by the “Fun Company”, a well known name in the family entertainment scene of the region.

Our Games are Getting an Upgrade

With quite a few Omni Arenas out there in the fields we’ve been diligently working on making sure that the guest experience improves as we go along.

This is why this week we are delighted to announce free upcoming upgrades to 2 of our most popular games: Omni Arena and Training Ops.

In its updated version, Training Ops is receiving the ability to create custom tournament leaderboards, as well as a better way to keep every player’s score. Now the players will be able to type in their name at the end of each level.

And speaking of levels, now the operator has a choice whether to put the player into a specific level, or spawn them in a level-selection lobby that will put control in the hands – or in this case, feet – of the player.

Omni Arena is finally getting the widely anticipated competitive mode. The new game mode is called “Hardpoint” and it is instantly familiar to anyone who has ever played a modern video game shooter before.
2 teams are tasked with occupying a specific point on the map. While your team is positioned in the designated spot you are periodically earnings points. The trick of course is that the other team is trying to occupy the same space, and drive the players out of the area.

Additionally, the “Hardpoint” keeps moving around the map as the round progresses. This new game mode can be played 1 on 1 or with 2 teams of 2 players each and allows plenty to futuristic gunslinger fun for VR enthusiasts.

Watch out for both of these updates in the next week, as we will be releasing the installation files of the updated versions of the games to all the current Omni Arena operators for free!

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