12 new games + Full-scale arcade management system for the Omnis AVAILABLE NOW!

September 15, 2017

 Omniverse + 12 New Games Title Image


We know that many of you have been inquiring about bringing more games to the Omni. Software is the lifeblood of VR, and it’s been our goal to expand our game library from day one. We have also heard your ideas and aspirations about how an Active VR space should be managed and monitored. Today we are finally ready to address both.

We’ve got something truly exciting to share with you. Starting this month, we are releasing a brand-new content management system called Omniverse™ that will bring with it 15 GAMES as well as a full-scale ANALYTICS AND MANAGEMENT system akin to SpringboardVR. Watch a video demo of the system here.




12 new active vr games

Omniverse™ will be available to all current and future commercial operators of Omni treadmills, and will allow the players to choose from the collection of 15 games, without any assistance from the attendant. The players will simply choose the games they want to play from inside the headset.

omniverse screenshot 1

Moreover, when their allocated play time expires the players are able to save their progress in the games they played by using the profile system that’s built into Omniverse™.

Using the Control Panel inside Omniverse™, the owner is able to monitor their Omnis during operation, including tracking play time for each game. Also, the operator can remotely load players into a VR lobby, from which they will choose a game to play.



omniverse analytics screenshot omniverse management console screenshot omniverse dashboard screenshot

Omniverse™ will come with all 15 games available to all operators, with 5 of the games being completely free:

  • TRAVR: Shadow Ops

  • TRAVR: Training Ops

  • Omni Arena

  • Coin Rush

  • Bow Master


The rest of the games will be paid for using pay-for-time model, where an operator buys a certain amount of credits for their Omniverse™ account and the players spend credits from the operator’s account every time they play the games on per-minute basis. This way developers have an incentive to work with the Omni, and the system will be constantly updated with new games! Here is a list of games that will ship with Omniverse™ at launch:


  • AFFECTED – The Manor

  • Hyperdrome

  • Karnage Chronicles

  • Nature Treks VR

  • Primordian

  • Project Ghost

  • Quell 4D

  • QuiVr

  • The Bellows

  • VRZ Torment


The scope of the system really doesn’t allow us to explain everything in this newsletter. So instead we are attaching a handy brochure that explains how Omniverse™  works as well as lists all the games that will come with it.

We are going to start rolling out Omniverse™  Beta in the next couple of weeks, as we communicate with all our existing and future operators. If you want to be one of the first to try out the system during our 1-month beta test period, please let us know  by email at sales@funvrtech.com or using our website contact form / livechat.